Wear & Wash Tips

Wearing & Washing Tips

Wearing Tips:

The fabric because of its special and, above all, unique properties. We have listed them for you:

Bleach proof


Fast drying

Easily washable

High wearing comfort

Wrinkle free

Due to the stretch of the fabric, the wearing comfort is very high and that is why it is so popular! The feminine shapes come out beautifully and it is super comfortable. It is a sensitive substance and abrasion with rough material should be avoided. When abrasion of the fabric occurs, the fabric pills. Pay close attention to rough materials, such as scaffolding wood, unfinished materials, raw concrete, etc.

Explicitly regarding the wash pants, care should be taken that the pants are not too tight. When wearing these pants too tight, the wax layer on them will chafe. It is important that the pants are not exposed to heat such as a washing machine, ironing machine or standing against a heater. The wax pants can't stand fabric softener and the pants should be washed inside out with hand wash


Washing advice:

Use the shortest wash cycle. 15, 20 and 30 minutes (delicate cycle)

Wash the clothes inside out

The clothes should not be put in the dryer

Our products are Bleachproof not paint free. It is therefore possible to get paint stains on items in a color other than black.